Review – Diorshow mascara
March 5, 2007, 6:02 pm
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I’ve read and heard about how amazing it is so many times for so long so I finally had to buy and try it.

First impression – Wow, the brush is huge! I like it though, really feels like it makes a difference. I also like the scent.

My lashes gets fuller and longer, just what I expected from this mascara. Great so far. After a while It just looks dry and clumpy and it gets flaky. I look like a racoon!

Really wanted to love this mascara, but I’ve tried better. My favorite mascara is still YSL’s false lash effect mascara. Does the same job without flaking.


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Thank god I found someone else who can’t understand why diorshow has such a cult following!
I had used the free samples of diorshow for years trying to make it work like everyone said it did (and I had seen the proof) and then I recently bought the new kohl diorshow, naivedly thinking this may be the mascara for me but by the end of the day I was left looking like I hadnt slept for a week and I worshipped satan.
I appreciate the tip on YSL, I had planned on trying it for a while but will now take the plunge. That’s if I can tear myself away from my addiction to chanel inimitable.

Comment by Amber Schmidt

Dior’s mascaror är riktigt, riktigt grymma 🙂 älskar maxim eyes mest 🙂

Comment by Louise

(Dunno if i should write in english or swedish but yeah here it goes;P) I have been thinking alot about the dior mascaras but have never really got to try it out, thanks for beeing honest about it, I think im gonna skip it and try the YSL instead:D

Comment by Allie

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