Item of the day: Principessa Bellezza Box
January 10, 2007, 8:13 pm
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It’s pink, it’s cheap and Nicole Richie is a big fan of principessa’s beauty products. Need I say more?


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Web Designer/ Developer

I’m a Web major and I love your blog.

It’s clean, simple yet elegant. Love your use of colour (Canadian spelling).
I have a few suggestions:

1) Use light gray bars to divide main information and subsections. I noticed you used word press. My favorite is text pattern.
2) As well as your header (fashionette just another Swedish blog) is small which can be a good thing I would have just include some indication of separation from the header to the rest of the information.

3) As well as a have stumbled on your site several times now and I noticed the image on the right hand column is always the same, it would be nice to see it change. Or add a new one underneath.

Please don’t take my suggestions the wrong way I love you blog.
I’m actually working on getting my own blog up and running within the next few months.

Oh and I adore Nicole Richie I never actually tried pincipessa’s beauty products but i’m sure they are good.

My favorite beauty product is Ferity Lip Project V105 it is a lip volumizing beauty treatment. It is unbelieveable and it does not sting and it actually works. I had small-medium lips but now they are noticably bigger, expecially when i wear lipstick. I think i use revlon volumizing lip stick in a coral shade.
Anyway the Ferity Lip Product comes in glazes, chapstick, coloured lip gloss. I purchased this product at a food and drug store in the cosmetic section. And i tried Lipfusion and it sucks, it stings, it’s awful.
In Canadian prices the chapstick/lip balm was $6.00(Cdn), the glaze $16.00(Cdn)

It’s surprizing that sometimes the cheap stuff actually works.

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Comment by Skye

I was just reading another blog talking about how Paris Hilton’s mom loves principessa. It’s amazing what a little celebrity exposure can do for a product line. But principessa’s products don’t need that much help!

Comment by Butterfly Bodies

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