January 6, 2007, 8:15 pm
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Don’t (wanna) know how much money I spent on stuff this month already, but god, I need new shoes.

By the way, do you guys think it’s wrong for tall girls (we’re talking 5’10″/179 cm and over) to wear high heels? Just wanna see your opinions.

I’m 5’11” but I wear high heels anyway, I guess it makes me look like an alien, haha.




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Det är klart att du ska ha high heels 🙂 Puss.

Comment by Kerstin

not any more strange than a petite 5″1 who likes wearing ballet flats (ie. me). 🙂

i have to say, though, it’ll look pretty intimidating and strange in an asian country where the average height is about 5″5. you’d get away wearing like that in western countries or special occasions.

Comment by sulz

Haha, yes, I would probably look like a big scandinavian monster in japan. 🙂

Comment by fashionette

Spend some more, giiirl =))

Comment by Maria Salong

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