thoughts on black clothes
December 28, 2006, 9:56 am
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Bought a black trenchcoat online the other night.

I think I’m too pale to wear beige.
Ok, maybe not (well I am pale but everyone looks good in beige, right?). I just have to make up excuses because almost all of my clothes are black & grey, haha. Anyway, I’m trying to change that by buying clothes in bright colors. I know I look really really good in my favorite colors (purple, red, yellow & black of course) but I’d just rather wear dark colored clothes; It looks clean, simple & sophisticated. I guess it’s my belgian heritage’s fault.
Am I the only one having these problems? I guess not, huh?

Anyway, can’t wait to get my coat, it’s lovely!


UPDATE: FYI, I am not a goth.


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i have 3 black cardigans, so i’m hardly without something black. as you said, it looks classier without trying to, and it’s excellent at hiding stains! though one can tell if it’s worn too long, the black looks dull.

i make up for all my black things with brightly coloured tube tops, pants and skirts.

le noir. c’est chic!

Comment by sulz

Jag passar inte heller i beige. PUSS.

Comment by Kerstin

I think black is sophisticated on a lot of people, but most people look rather dull. It’s all about attitude. I like to mix but have a bit av black cloathes to. But I totally agree, its very simple and clean. Perfect for a rainy day.

Comment by sorbonne

I consider myself kinda lucky because I have enough attitude to pull off wearing too much black. But yeah, sometimes it can get kinda boring. haha.


Comment by fashionette

Hahah, I have the same problems as you. I have only black and gray clothes in my closet. Believe me! 🙂

Comment by Maja

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