Biotherm Sense Comfort Foundation for dry skin
October 12, 2006, 1:00 pm
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Found this little darling in Lubeck. It’s the best foundation ever (at least for my dry skin).

It really makes me glow, but not like I’m wearing tons of glitter or shimmer, more like I’m glowing from within. I don’t really like matte powders or foundations, I want my makeup to look natural so this is a really good foundation for me.

First I was a little scared and upset  because the foundation looked sooo dark and a little orangey  in the bottle, even if it was the lightest shade (315). However, when I applied it to my face it sort of melted into my skin (like a really really good and expensive face cream) and matched my skin tone perfectly. I totally recommend this to other ladies with dry skin. It doesn’t make my face look flaky even if it is and it’s also non-comedogenic (It doesn’t clog pores) and has SPF 15. I love it!


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Ooo, I’ve gotta try that one. One should never pass up a lovely glow.

Orangey foundations can look scary, but thing is that most of us have a slightly orange toned skin, so they normally look great on.

Thanks for the tip anyway!

Comment by Bjooti

Next time I’m bying new foundation I will try that one. It sounds amazing!

Comment by sorbonne

Nu finns även du med i vårt register på

Comment by Amanda Ek

Sounds great!

Comment by fliickan

Hi. Which store carries Biotherm Sense Comfort? I love it too and am now having trouble finding my shade! Thanks, Kathy

Comment by Kathy

Hi Kathy!

Where do you live?
I bought mine in Germany (at a store called Douglas), but I’ve seen it in department stores here in Sweden too.

Comment by fashionette

That sounds pretty good! =)
I have an extreamly (excuse my bad spelling :P) dry skin, i don´t know which foundation to use? This one, as i just said, sonds like a good one but the problem is that i can´t use eny make up with any orange tones :S. Any other tips on a good foundation för “dry people” ? I would be so happy 🙂

Comment by Carro

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